Whether it's New Construction or a Repair, We've got you covered

CAP-STONE provides concrete construction and repair related to roads, sidewalks, driveway approaches, wheelchair ramps, and parking lots.

Our Concrete Services

Concrete Flatwork

CAP-STONE offers a variety of concrete services, including sidewalks, driveways, ADA compliant curb ramps, non-reinforced & reinforced concrete pavements.

Concrete Curb

CAP-STONE incorporates a slip form machine into our daily operations with a wide variety of molds for all your concrete curb requirements.

Concrete Stamping

Our crews can perform concrete stamping, which is a process that involves using stamps to create patterns in concrete. This can be done for a variety of reasons, to improve the appearance of concrete, to create a slip-resistant surface, or to add traction. There are a wide variety of stamps available, and the choice of stamps will depend on the desired outcome.