Project Experience

CAP-STONE poured one of the largest public pervious concrete projects in Ohio. The project was in Canal Winchester southeast of Columbus, Ohio. 180 cubic yards of colored pervious concrete (supplied by Buckeye Ready Mix) was poured in the parking lane for storm water quality control.
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Stormwater Improvements Village of Stoutsville

Village of Stoutsville
This project involved the following activities: locate and expose existing storm sewer manholes; camera existing storm sewer; install the storm sewer including new catch basins and manholes; remove and install new sidewalk/curb including steps and ADA aprons; install sleeves for future signs and install new signs as per plan; mill the street; resurface the street then complete the pavement markings.

Pervious Concrete Pour Columbus Street

Canal Winchester, OH
CAP poured one of the largest public pervious concrete projects in Ohio. The project was in Canal Winchester southeast of Columbus, Ohio. 180 cubic yards of colored pervious concrete (supplied by Buckeye Ready Mix) was poured in the parking lane for storm water quality control.

Operation Safewalks – School Sidewalks Sycamore St

City of Columbus
This project scope consisted of constructing sidewalks along the south side of Sycamore Street from Carpenter Street to Champion Avenue and the north side from Champion Avenue to the existing sidewalk just east of Champion Avenue. Installation of the sidewalk included curb ramps and drive approaches, as well as curb, retaining walls, and stormwater drainage improvements in select areas.

North Yearling Road Roadway Improvement

City of Whitehall
This project consisted of over 20,000 square yards of pavement resurfacing with spot full-depth repairs, continuous replacement, the installation of a new multiuse trail, storm sewer and structures, street lighting, pedestrian signal modification, and related work.

Improvements for Whitehall Community Park

City of Whitehall
This project consisted of over 400 square yards of asphalt concrete trail, approximately 500 cubic yards of site grading, approximately 300 square yards of rock channel protection, and over 400 square feet of boat ramp construction.

Country Club Drive

City of Newark
The purpose of this project was to install a single-lane modern roundabout at the County Club Drive and Sharon Valley Road intersection to improve safety and capacity. The project involved prohibiting left turns from King Road to Sharon Valley Road in order to improve safety and capacity at the intersection. In order to proceed eastbound on Sharon Valley Road from King Road, vehicles will turn right from King Road and then make a u-turn movement at the new roundabout.

Columbus Downtown Connector Trail Phase 1

City of Columbus
The Downtown Connector Trail (DCT) Improvement Project – Phase 1 starts at DCT’s connection at North Nelson Road and ends at the East section of the trail at Leonard Avenue, totaling approximately 0.8-miles of trail. The scope for Phase 1 included widening the existing shared-use path to 10 feet where possible and replacing the chain-link fence with a new, black vinyl coated chain link fence. The project involved asphalt pavement repair, removal, and replacement, fence removal/addition, and sign installation.


Columbus Dept, of Public Service
This project involved the construction of a new 10-foot wide shared-use path along the south side of Sullivant Avenue from Camp Chase Trail to Georgesville Road and along the east side of Georgesville Road from Sullivant Avenue to the existing shared-use path north of Camp Chase railroad.

Alum Creek Trail

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department
This project involved the construction of a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail that added 3,075 linear feet to the Alum Creek Trail, connecting the Shepard and St. Mary’s communities to the trail. This connector used existing abandoned rail corridor and park property.

ATH-Elm Street

The Plains, Ohio
This project involves construction of approximately 956 linear feet of road rehab, sidewalk, and drainage installation in The Plains, Ohio along Elm Street from the intersection of SR682 to the intersection of MacDonald Street. CAP’s portion of the project includes asphalt pavement removal and replacement and curb installation.

UrbanFive Construction

City of Columbus
This project consists of installation of stone base and asphalt paving of the driveway located at the property.

Winchester Pike Over Georges Creek

Franklin County
This project involves upgrading 0.04 miles of Winchester Pike by replacement of an existing non-composite box beam bridge over Georges Creek with a continuously reinforced concrete slab bridge and roadway approach work. CAP’s portion of the project includes the asphalt pavement replacement for the roadway approach to the new bridge.

Stringtown Rd Bridge Replacement

Fairfield County
This project involves replacement of an existing bridge with new 4-sided precast concrete box culvert with wingwalls, pavement replacement work, and replacement of existing guardrail. CAP’s portion of the project will consist of the pavement replacement.

Gender Rd Widening

City of Columbus
This project consists of the widening of Gender Road north of Route 33 for new right turn lane, along with sidewalks and curb for a new FriendShip Kitchen Convenience store and gas station.

Operation Safewalks

City of Columbus
A Safe Routes to School funded project will build sidewalks on 17th St and Ann St. Installation of sidewalk will include curb ramps, drive approaches, and curb with the required drainage improvements associated with the curb installation. CAP’s portion of the project includes milling and paving Ann St and 17th St where the new sidewalk and curb are to be installed.

Leisure Trail Improvement

City of New Albany
These improvements will include pavement planning/removal and asphalt overlay of approximately 10,000 LF of leisure trails throughout the City of New Albany.

ODOT 224014

This project modifies lane configurations of approximately 0.31 miles of SR 3 and approximately 0.08 miles of Oakland Park Avenue. The project also includes milling and filling the existing pavement travel lanes within the work zone. Minor pavement widening of approximately 0.03 miles of SR 3 is also included.

New Holland Revitalization

Village of New Holland
This project consists of storm drainage replacement, street reconstruction, paving, new sidewalks and sidewalk replacement, ADA, and park improvements (walking paths, parking lots).

Holt Avenue

City of Columbus
The work for this project consists of constructing over 1,800 feet of permeable paver parking lane, over 2,000 feet of 12”-36” storm sewer, and over 30 catch basins.